Features of Grooved Coupling system



Easy, convenient, and quick installation helps with labor saving and time-saving in the installation. Furthermore, it is still flexible for supporting multiple designs at the actual site. 



Can be relocated, change format of installation, or expand for additional pipe line, as well as easy removal and reinstallation for cleaning. 



Can withstand vibration, pressure from earthquake, as well as good noise absorption. 



Can withstand high pressure at 300-735 psi (pressure resistance depends on model of Coupling selected)



Joint contains coated PE inside to completely protect all characteristics of SYLER’s pipe. Therefore, it is ensured that water that flows through will be rust-free, as well as strong, durable, and has long useful life.

Fixed attachment type 
Rigid Coupling is designed to have Tongue & Grooved that combines valve lock and groove together. This feature will enhance attachment to the pipe, resistant to distortion of various types of weight.

Flexible type 

Flexible Coupling has a characteristic of its extraordinary strength that can withstand condition relating to shrinking and expanding, or bending of pipe due to various reasons such as changing temperature, vibration from earthquake, and vibration due to other reasons. Flexible Coupling will reduce the use of Expansion Joint.

Easy pipe line lying 

With Grooved Coupling, pipeline can be arranged, moved, and adjusted as appropriate before tightening process.

Easy removal and assembly 

Grooved Coupling enables easy removal and assembly. Therefore, it is convenient to clean, to maintain, to add, or to change pipelines.

Complete attachment both inside and outside 

With the joint sitting on the groove, pipes on both ends are efficiently attached to each other using pressure and induced force. It can withstand impact from both sides.

Noise proof and absorbs vibration 

With Grooved Coupling, which the pipe is Roll Grooved using flexible ring gasket, it is enabled to reduce noise and absorb vibration very well.