Installation Syler with End Cap and Plug 

After the pipe is cut, the end of the pipe should be chamfered by Scraper of burring reamer furnished with thread cutter. The chamfering is to get rid of untidy part of the PE layer caused by the cutting.

Caution only 2/3 of the PE layer should be chamfered.


Syler Pipe that size larger than 4" must be installed by Grooved Method

Threading should be made at the standard length under the standard of BS21 (same as ordinary steel pipe) or as in the table below. This is to prevent the leaking and rusting at the maximum level.

Threading machine contact

REX 0-2736-1913-5

ASADA 0-2739-4483-4


To prevent leaking and rusting at the maximum level, before joining Syler Pipe and Syler Fitting, Threading area of Syler Pipe should be wrapped with pipe thread tape or painted with seal compound. After that, tighten the fitting with appropriate torque. 

After completion of joining, repair external flaws on pipe and fitting and extra threaded area with anti-corrosive sealing material or rust preventive paint.


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Pipe cleaning

After installation, let the water run sufficiently before use to remove chips and other foreign substance from the inside of the pipe.

Another Layer of Pipe Thread & Fitting Protection  with  Anti-Rust & Pipe Solder Adhesive

Syler pipe is normally protected by the outer surface of electroplated galvanized steel  and another
PE powder coated layer which providing against any rust. However, a tapping procedure essentially
scrubs the pipe surface out which being residual pure steel substance, instead. So such the threading areas
become rusted round. Fortunately, we can solve such the problem by means of  applying Herme Seal
       Anti-Rusted Adhesive for absolute pipes’ thread and fitting protection.

Herma Seal 55


Is the seal solvent to prevent corrosion, water leakage for iron pipes & lining pipes, and corrosion in thread pin parts.  The product is suitable for hot water supply piping and water supply piping.  Additionally, Herme Seal 55 adhesive is the chemical without human danger and is high performance for anti-rust in accordance with JWWA K 142 standard (Japan Water Works Association), Japan. 




COLOR                            :     GRAY


VISCOSITY                      :     4,500 CPS. AT 25 C

SPECIFIC GARVITY         :     1.2

HEATED RESIDUCE       :      62 +- 3%

DILUENT                         :      SPECIFIED SOLVENT

QTY. 500 G / CAN




In case of applying too a little adhesive until being not full target surfaces, that will affect against its performance for water leakage and anti-rush protections. Besides, in case we apply excessively, that will become filmy as crystal attached within pipes, resulting in becoming contaminated substances with washing water flow.

Apply around threading and
pipe face cross-section areas

Apply in thread fitting

How to Application and Caution:

Clean pipe threads by washing oil traces attached pipe thread & surface sites, and then wiped  by cloth  until drying for complete pipe
 surface and thread adhesions during Herme Seal 55 applying.  Apply Herme Seal throughout thread areas.  According to the most
importance of its applying, is the part of pipe cross section because it may contact directly water.  For plumbing coupling 2” up, if we do not assure whether tapped threads are in standards or not, we should use water leak tape by applying the adhesive at plumping pipe threads prior to fastening to couplings for more connection. As there is the adhesive time of Herme Seal, so we should hold the time at least 12 hours for performance enhancement  and anti-rust property prior
to  water flowing test.

Anti-rustwith Herme seal55